Kaylen Hope Lucas



A day in the life of






This page was built around one Saturday in the life of my oldest grand-daughter, Kaylen.  At this time Kaylen was 3 3/4 years old.

We begin the day with a "Fashion Show" and "Dance". 




Check out these shoes!!!

After a short break, a quick costume change, and the dance recital continues.


Another short break, another costume change, and we continue.


That takes care of the time to about 9:30.  Now it's time for Gymnastics!



After a good lunch, and a little relaxation in the afternoon, it's on to the next activity:  Soccer Practice!





These kids can be a little hard to catch!!!

After wearing out some of us, the kids decide they would take scrimmage against the adults.


It wasn't even close!!!  I think they beak us 4 to 1!!!

It was hard to believe you could get all this done --- in one day!  After soccer, it was off to a restaurant for dinner, then home to rest!!!   I wonder what the next day will bring?