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I've made some progress in the last couple of months, driven very much by the decision to install a lift in my garage.  Although my garage is not tall enough or wide enough for a normal lift, I did determine that I could install a 4 post lift and get about 44" of height under the GTO.  That is so much better than crawling around on the ground.



In the last section I talked about having to replace the emergency cables due to having installed a TH400 transmission.  Did not sound like a big deal --- until you realize how the front emergency cable is routed.  It goes through the frame under the car, up BETWEEN the inner fender and the firewall, into an indentation in the firewall.  I know of no way to get to that cable section without taking out the inner fender, and I did not figure out how to take the inner fender out without first taking off the outer fender.  Unless your front emergency brake cable is broken, and/or you already have the front fenders off the car, find another way to lengthen the existing front cable to meet the replaced mid-brake cable.  This was tough!

The lift is in and now we make some progress.  I can't imagine getting the exhaust system installed while working on jack stands.  Especially when the "kit" needs some modifications in other to fit correctly.  Some grinding, and cut off of about 2" of one head pipe, and the exhaust is installed and pretty well aligned.



And while were under there, let's connect the transmission linkage.  This took minutes under the lift.  Would have been hours crawling around, in and out getting the right tools.



The new front emergency cable installed.  At this point the lift was not yet in place so this was being done in the street, on stands.  Remember, the front cable, and mid cable, and cable hooks under the car all had to be replaced and adjusted.  I think this project convinced me that a lift was necessary.




The transmission linkage is a kit from a company called Shift Works.  Remember, I have changed from the original 2 speed automatic transmission to a TH400 3 speed automatic.  This company makes a great kit for this conversion.  Very complete.  Very thorough.  I would highly recommend their conversion kit.

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