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Below are pictures of my latest acquisition:

A 2003 Anniversary Edition Corvette!


This purchase came as a big surprise to virtually all my Corvette friends as they know how much I enjoy my 62 'Vette. And I do continue to enjoy the 62. But I have to admit there is something to be said for the "creature comforts", as well as the handling characteristics, of the later model Corvettes.

I began looking for a later model 'Vette back in January. I never told many people because I was not sure I would even follow through with buying one. However, it never hurts to look. Like most people I was looking for that "great deal": The perfect car, the right options, the right color, very low miles, and a great price! Early on (February) I did make an offer on an Anniversary Edition but we were not even close on the price. I just kept looking.

Meanwhile, the Run to the Rockies trip came along and off I went leading the 11 Corvette caravan in my 62 Corvette. I'm not sure what I would have done had I bought this 03 before the trip. I do like the 62, but the others on this trip looked a lot less ragged than I did at the end of each day! I remember on the way back home someone talking into the 2-way radio saying their in-car thermometer showed it was 109 degrees outside. This as I was cruising (and sweating) with the top down on the 62!!!

I found this 2003 Corvette here in Southern California in August. It was on a "cars for sale" type web site which focuses on Corvettes. This car has only 25,000 miles on it. There is not a bad mark anywhere; inside or out! Even better, there is still 2 years, and/or about 20,000 miles, of original factory warranty on the car!! I didn't even need to test drive it.

The prior owner babied this car. For example, when they went on "long trips" (Palms Springs, 100 miles away, was considered a long trip), they would put the 'Vette inside their trailer and tow the car! No wonder there are no defects!!!

The car did need tires, and the brakes were a little worn. Now, with new tires, new brakes, oil change, smog, and wheel alignment, she's ready to go!

Sharing garage space

This is called the Anniversary Edition because 2003 was the 50th Anniversary of the life of the Corvette. To celebrate this event, Chevrolet brought out this special model, put in virtually every option, decorated it with special 50th Anniversary Emblems and 50th Anniversary embroidery on the seats and carpets, and issued a one year only color called Anniversary Red. This red is actually a metallic Maroon, with gold metal flakes in the paint. Very awesome! The model was offered as a coupe or convertible.