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Over the fall/winter a lot has been happening so here is a general update.
First, both the 389 engine and the TH400 transmission are built and ready.  The builders are holding on to them for me until I'm ready.
I didn't go too wild on the engine; just the stock 335 HP plus the ram air cam shaft, ram air exhaust manifolds, and some performance pistons.  I'm not sure how much power she will have but I'm sure plenty for the street.

Cleaned Engine Compartment


I also took this opportunity to switch out the steering box.  I put a later model "3 turn" box that was rebuilt.  That should make it easier to do "u-turns" on a normal size street!
Not as obvious is that I have converted the steering column from a column shift to a floor shift.  After much discussion about whether I still needed the "shift tube" inside the steering column, I determined it was not needed.  After about 4 attempts to get the complete steering column back into the car correctly, I think she's set.

Note the steering hub
GTO Automatic Floor Shifter


A lot of time has gone into cleaning up the engine compartment.  This is one of those rare opportunities to do so while the engine is out of the car.  Although not perfect, this looks so much better than it did from 40 years of street use.


Look! No shifter!!!

Also note that the steering column is now painted black.  Once complete the dash area of this GTO will be all black.  This is just a quick "rattle can" paint job while I had the column out of the car.

Without a column shift I needed to get moving on the floor shifter.  This is an original 1965 automatic shifter that I found on eBay (where else???).  In 65 the automatic transmission was a 2 speed Super Turbine 300.  I'm installing a 3 speed Turbo-Hydro transmission.  This required modifying the shifter with a "kit" from a company called "Shiftworks".  This kit is very complete, with detailed instructions.  As a result, this shifter, once I attached the "shift cable", is ready for the new transmission.


You can see that a lot has been going on.  This is the "details" that have to be addressed as the project moves forward.

Before I put the engine and transmission back in her, I plan to update the suspension and convert to power disc brakes.  So much easier to get to without the motor.
Stay tuned................................

GTO New Motor