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The hostess, Diane Bray, makes the decision.  Horse shoes!  Now, seriously:  When do you think these "city slickers" last saw a horse?
Let's check out the field.
The guys certainly don't want to be beat at horse shoes so they take some time to check out the playing area and look for ways in which they might "take advantage" of the ladies.  Guys, when will you ever learn?

Bill 'skinhead" Rowland

Bill Rowland concentrates on his pitch while Sharon McAlear looks on.  I wonder how he did?  Maybe this was after the real game because the audience appears to be gone!
Donny Tyler and Gary McAlear try their hands at this game.  It might be a little "far" for these "old guys"!
Mavis Rowland has the right idea - move a little closer to the target.  4 or 5 more steps and she can just "place" the shoe on the pin!


Sherron Moorhead finds the "middle ground" between the other players.


Forget the games - everyone wins when the gang gathers.  Bring out the food and booze and get this party started!

It looks like everyone had a great time but I'm sure they missed those of us who could not make it.  Maybe next year.