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Growing up (or not) in Montreal, Canada in the 60's and 70's we had a groups of friends.  In those days we called them "gangs".  Today that term brings thoughts of street fights, drive-by shootings, etc.  That is is nothing like our "gang".  Our "gang" was elementary and/or high school friends who met through school and liked to "hang out" together in the years following our school days.  Always harmless - always about having fun!
A few years ago the old "Rosemount Gang" decided to have a reunion.  Gary and Dianne Bray have a property north of Montreal and it became the "host site" for the Gang Reunion.  That tradition has continued now for 4 or 5 years.  Although a number of us "members" have missed the last few (it's long way from LA) we have tried to stay in touch with those who attended.
Sherron Moorhead (aka Sherron Bray), one of the originals of the group, recently wrote me about my web site and asked what happened to the pictures of the prior reunions.  She also sent me pictures of the 2007 reunion.  I have included some of those 2007 pictures in this section of the site.  Enjoy!
2007 "Gang" Reunion Attendees

The "gang" was much larger than what you see in this photo.  Many have moved away and find it difficult to attend (my reason).  As you can see the "gang" have aged a little but still an awesome group.  They are even still "athletic" as will be shown in some of the pictures.

Let the "games" begin!

Sherron gives lesson in how to play "boche"!

Bob Moorhead is awfully serious. Isn't this supposed to be "fun"?

The host, Gary Bray, wonders if perhaps it's time to try a new game - one that the guys might have a chance to win.
Mike Sutton & Gary McAlear
Every "gang" has to have one - on the right meet Gary McAlear, aka "Chico" - the proverbial "class clown" of our "gang".

The boys wondering how to beat the girls!
Mike, Bill, Gary, worried that they might lose!

Mavis shows her "form" at this game.

And the crowd goes wild!!!

'Chico" tries to save the team.

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