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The 389 motor I got in TX looked to be in good condition when I opened her.

Valves OK but would do the heads anyway.

A little rust on the cam. Needs new cam.

I decided to send the motor over the Rick Draman at Valley Engine Machine.  Rick built the motor in my 62 'Vette and that's a great engine  So, who best to advise me on what this 389 needs?

Got to get under her to disconnect stuff!

Easy extraction!

Now we have space!!!

While the engine is being built, I will spend the time cleaning out the engine compartment.  I can also get the shifter set up and work on the seat brackets and console while the floor is clear under the car.

Pistons had a little crud but cleaned up nice


With the motor now at Valley Engine, and the transmission ready to go, it's time to find a home for this new power plant.  No space in here at the moment.

Everything is disconnected.
Line up that Cherry Picker!

Normally one would remove the hood first.  But none of my neighbors were around to help (very heavy!) so I got started with pulling the engine and transmission while the hood was still in place.  This at least allowed me to be sure there was nothing still connected.


This looks almost the same as the one being rebuilt!  That's good because I plan to use many of the engine parts and accessories from the original 326 motor on the 389.  For example, the original motor had the correct intake manifold where the one I got from TX had an after market unit.  This will save me some money!

GTO Update

More to come.........