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Transmission Cleaned Up

The plan is to put a turbo-hydro 400 3 speed automatic transmission into this car.  I'm pretty well done with the 4 speed in the LA traffic!
I bought this transmission, along with the 389 GTO engine, with the "hope" that it was usable "as is".  However, it would not be wise to just put her in without being checked by an expert.  So, cleaned it up and took it over the Rick at Inland Transmission. 

Would you trust this guy?
Rick Jaeger


Rick is a member of our Corvette Club who also happens to own a transmission repair shop (Inland Transmission in Fullerton, CA).  Up to now Rick has rebuilt the transmission of my Corvette, as well as the rear axle.  Basically, he did everything in the drive line from the clutch to the axle.  It's been a couple of years and it's all still holding up great, so I think he knows what he's doing!


Rick looked over the transmission, said it was "loose".  It would likely work as is, but he recommended we overhaul it now rather than put it in, then maybe take it back out in a short time.   I agreed.
I know absolutely nothing about automatic transmissions.  Watching Rick open this thing up and start removing parts was like watching a surgeon working on a heart!  As he removed parts, he told me what they were.  It was all "Greek" to me except the general function.  Fascinating!
Look at all these pieces!!!  And there are more!



Empty transmission case

This is the stage that I left it on Friday, 8/10/2007.  It's now in Rick's hands to make it ready to put into the car.  Now to focus on the engine..........

GTO Engine Project