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389/335 HP

You can't have a GTO without a GTO motor.  A little shopping trip and I found this 389/335 HP engine in TX.  Had it shipped to my door.


It's actually a 389 with a Turbo-Hydro 400 3 speed automatic transmission.  Bought it all as a "turn-key" package. 



We now have the engine out and ready to start looking her over!


GTO Transmission


Here's another look at the package.  The seller did an awesome job of putting this together for shipment.  Got a pallet, built a frame for the oil pan, secured the engine and transmission to the pallet, secured the torque converter to the transmission, etc.  Nicely done for that long trip.  It arrived in tack.

Now it's time to get the engine off the crate.  Through friends I have all this great equipment available to me.  Now, as long as my neighbors in this "up-scale" area don't complain, I may be able to do a bunch of the work in the driveway!


I spent about 5 hours cleaning the transmission of grease and grit.  Probably 40 years of it!  It's now ready to go to a buddy's transmission shop to be looked over.  I'm expecting him to find it's in great shape and just put in new seals, etc.  These TH400's are "rocks".  But we'll see.  I know very little about automatic transmissions!

Here she comes!


A little "coaxing" onto the engine stand.