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Earlier I described this car as being "original" with little mileage.  Even though the trunk needed some repair work, it was not a lot.  The next step was to expose the floors of the car.  The condition of the floors would tell a great deal about the car and it's environment over the past 40+ years.

"Virgin" Floor



There was a lot of glue on this floor.  It took 3 cans of the toughest paint and glue remover to get it all off.  Unfortunately, it was "paint" and glue remover, so it took off that layer of body color paint as well.



Take up the carpet and discover that the floors are 100% original!  They are so good it looks like no one even got in with a wet shoe at any time in the 42 years of it's existence.

The floors have the original "body color" paint (Mission Beige).  The "yellow" look you see is all the glue used to put down that red carpet I removed.

You can see the original covering over the power strip going to the trunk area.  There was even a lot of the thick "tar paper" insulation still on the floor. 
As you can see I took out the floor drain plugs.  After all the glue was loose and broken down, I took a power washer to the inside of the car.  You can tell it's a project!


Now all you see of the floor is the maroon color primer or metal protectant on the floor.  A little of the original paint color remains where there was not much, if any, glue.  I caused a few scrapes even through the protectant to the bare metal.  But that can all be fixed.  I think I'll even try and paint the floor back to the body color before I put down sound barrier/insulation and carpet.  But that's another project for another day.  I'm very pleased with the way the floors came out and how solid they are.  It confirmed what I have believe from the start:  This is a CA car that was very well cared for over it's life to date.


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