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This page will describe the process I took to repair the trunk of the GTO.

The trunk as it looked when the junk was removed.

Overall this car appears in good shape.  However, when I took all the junk out of the trunk I discovered there was some rust in the trunk floor.



I invested about $150 in the various POR-15 products.  They have metal prep products, metal cleaning products, and the POR-15 "repair" stuff in various forms.  The core product is like a paint, but a little thicker.  They also have a "putty" product for forming and filling holes.  I used both the paint and the putty (after the prep and cleaning products) to do the job.


Quite a change from the start.  But now let's see the "finished" product!




I'm going to call this "success" and move onto to another phase of this project!



A little "cancerous" I would say!

It actually looked worse that it really was.  The first step was to sand it down to see what the real damage might be.


After sanding it didn't look quite as bad, but there were a lot of small holes and a few larger ones.  My initial thought was to replace the trunk pans and I started the research into how to do that.
However, some good friends in a local Chevelle club told me about a product called POR-15.  They said "unless your truck is completely gone, use POR-15 to repair it.  POR-15 will not only fill the holes, it will make chemically "bond" with the rust to make the metal stronger than ever!


As you can see from these pictures, POR-15 was doing it's job.  The holes are gone and the trunk is solid. 




GTO Floor Project