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In February 2007 I purchased a 1965 Pontiac Tempest Lemans, 2 Door Post.  My plan is to use this car to create a 1965 GTO "clone".


GTO Trunk Project

GTO Floor Project

GTO Transmission

GTO Engine Project

GTO Updates

GTO Engine Installation

GTO Updates-07-2009

In early 2007 I purchased a 1965 Pontiac Tempest Lemans, 2 Door Post.  My plan is to use this car to create a 1965 GTO "clone".

The Lemans as I purchased her
Note the straight body panels

This car started life in CA with a Mayfair Maize exterior (cream color) and a Gold interior.  Every indication is that the mileage (about 75k) is accurate.  The car is very solid, with all body panels very straight and solid.  The only sign of rust is a few holes in the truck floor, which came from a small leak at the edge of the rear window frame.


If you look carefully, you can see some "remnants" of the original Gold interior.  Look at the steering wheel and kick panels.

"Quality" paint job on the dash!

After all that work on the seats, it appears someone just took some masking tape and a spray gun to this dash.  Look at the beads of run-off at the bottom of the glove box door!

Now that I've described what my "GTO" is like today, let me describe what my current thoughts are on the "finished product".


The plan is to bring this GTO back to it's original exterior color.  The picture above shows what Mayfair Maze looks like.  This pictured car is a 2 door hardtop, but the 2 door post car should look as clean when done.  Wheel design is still an open issue.



The experts tell me that when you have a parchment interior, the dash, carpet, kick panels, and package tray will be black.  The other photo above shows the black and it's effect.



The previous owner must have wanted a red car.  He seemed to have spent a lot of money on the interior, at least in the area of upholstery and carpet.

Sections of the original exterior color showing up

I have some work to do under the hood.  After that upholstery work I guess there was not enough money to finish painting under the hood!   The 326 motor runs well, as does the 2 speed automatic.  However, if it's a 65 GTO it needs to have a 389.  One is on the way!



The interior is going to be "Parchment", which is an "off-white".  You can see that in the seat photo above.



Click here for the trunk project