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Now that I'm in Breckenridge, 2 days early, I have some extra "play time"!

David Lee

When I'm in Breckenridge in the winter I hang out at The Whales Tail.  So, where better to "hang" on Tuesday?

I was tired from the drive and did not need any more “seat time” for a bit.  So, I just hung around the Whales Tales with friends that I know from my trip there in the winters.  I parked the ‘Vette beside the restaurant to draw some attention (and business) into the Whales Tale.  But I put her away before getting into any partying!

Continental Divide
Hoosier Pass


One day of rest was plenty.  Off I go playing "tourist".  A friend in LA asked me if was going to be near the Continental Divide.  She had crossed the US many times when she was younger, and never got a picture of the divide.  I knew there was a section of the divide near Breckenridge so off I went to get her that photo.   

Entrance to Mt. Evans


Then I continued down the back side of the pass with intent to go to up Mount Evans.  Mount Evans is the highest paved road in North American, topping out at some 14,000 plus feet.

The bad generator!

Recommended Auto Repair Shop
Idaho Springs, CO


However, during my drive up to the entrance, I heard some strange noises from under the hood.  I was in no position to fix it up there so I went down the front way to a town of Idaho Springs.


At a small auto repair shop in Idaho Springs, they diagnosed the noise as coming from the rear bearing of the generator.  Because of the age of the car, and that no one uses generators any more, finding one could be a problem.  We chatted some and I learned he was also a Corvette guy.  He has 2 66 ‘Vettes.  When he learned I was there for the VOTR event, he started calling around to some of his suppliers.  He actually found a newly rebuilt "high horsepower" generator for the 62 Corvette.  he could have it by morning.  I borrowed a car from some Denver friends to get be back and forth to Breckenridge (no rental car agencies in Idaho Springs), and came back in the morning to a repaired car better that she had been before!  Awesome!!!

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